Monday, July 18, 2011


Joining in at Rhoda's for her Thrifty Treasures. Check it out, she has been doing this for the last few years and she always shares some great post of neat yard sale items or freebies which with the economy that is the best deal!

 recently we went to the mountains to pick up this camper from my parents dad has had it in the backyard sitting for years and not even using it...he gets those urges where he will buy something and think he will use it but mama says her camping days are's hotel days now so after sitting for so long I brought it home....just has to be fixed up a bit....and it was FREE...not a bad deal.

 yard sale deal....10 bucks and still in box....I just saw these at Belks a few months ago so not a bad deal if you say so
started a new job so have not been on the computer much lately and the snake on the last post was in vidalia, was a friend of mine who sent me the picture because it was their not much details about it but the location...looks like a rattlesnake and someone shot can stay over in that county anyway


Carrie said...

popcorn machine how cool and the camper is going to great


Joanna said...

Oh my goodness how fabulous, a free camper! Another blogger I read, Kelli at Random Thoughts of a Super Mom is remodeling an Airstream right now. How much fun it would be to get to have a camper to "make it my own"! Oh the memories y'all will have!

That is a great price for a popcorn machine! Great find.

Paula said...

You can't beat free! I'm sure that you and your family will really enjoy using the camper once you get it cleaned up. A popcorn machine sounds like fun for a party.

That snake picture was something else. You can keep those down in GA!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I'd have a heart attack if I found a snake anywhere near that size any place close to me!!

Free is good and that's a really cute popcorn machine!